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Digital Marketing Strategy and Execution

What We Do

Bohu Digital was formed to create order from chaos for growth-minded business owners, executives, and investors who are ready to jump into marketing with both feet. Bohu Digital is the fractional consultancy that unlocks the missing marketing pieces and connects them all on a clearly charted path. We’re able to achieve this by joining your team, using data to create a single source of truth fo your marketing strategy, and helping you execute and scale.

Our Approach



Marketing feels like chaos when your business lacks a single source of marketing truth. Bohu Digital leverages digital tools and dashboards and the tracking processes behind them to create a dashboard that aggregates awareness, conversions, leads and revenue into a single dashboard place. This is critical as you seek to understand the effectiveness of our marketing efforts and their effect on the sales pipeline. It equips executives and marketing leaders so to make data-driven revenue decisions.


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Bohu Digital recognizes that to win in Google, it’s not enough to launch a great website and publish some content. Brands have to scale their marketing efforts over time in lockstep with their search strategy to consistently deliver lead performance week over week. This amount of content is often beyond the quantity that is cost-effective when leveraging an outside partner. Bohu Digital is committed to providing templates and training to a brand team so that they may bring the content marketing flywheel into their organization. 

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Fractional CMO

Part-time executive marketing leader for better results


The inflection point where your customers and product meet

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PPC ads, social media ads, display and programmatic ads

Email Marketing

Build your list and keep sales from falling out of the funnel

Marketing Analytics

Tracking sessions, clicks, and likes to drive more revenue

Website Consulting

Driving revenue and attracting more customers through your website

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